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This is our team, a lot of smiling happy people who work hard to empower your teams. Within our team you’ll find a number of specialists across Product Security, IT Security, Security Intelligence, Corporate Security, Security Development, and Trust Security.

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Martin Reinhardt

Martin Reinhardt


Martin has spent many years practicing Java and web development. As a software craftsman it's of great importance to him that distributed architectures, particularly security and automation of continuous delivery, have pragmatic solutions.

Sicherheit Lukas Taake

Lukas Taake


Developer who likes FOSS. Tries to keep an eye on the essentials, always looking for new challenges.

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Sicherheit Christian Westerkamp

Christian Westerkamp

Data Protection

Unconventional lawyer, passionate and listening advisor with an eye for the essentials and practical solutions. Seekers of gray areas and keeper of data protection. Considers Information Security important.

Sicherheit Jacqueline Striewe

Jacqueline Striewe

Information Security

Is enthusiastic - even about supposedly dry topics such as data protection, ISO and DIN standards. She likes people and colorful personalities. In her free time she enjoys taking long walks by the sea with her furry friend.

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