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Every company is unique. That's why we develop an individual security strategy. For your companies safety!

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Together with you, we take on your company's security risks and challenges. Threats from malware or malicious software are thus minimized. With us, you can face cybercrime calmly.

Only a resilient system is a save system.

Nobody likes to deal with their own weaknesses. But only those who recognize and eliminate deficits in the IT infrastructure are resistant to attackers. The so-called “look in the mirror” is worthwhile! 

The cost of a vulnerability analysis depends on the size and complexity of the systems under investigation. Together with you, we determine the best and most efficient approach for the security of your IT infrastructure. 

  • Targeted 

  • Economical 

  • Individually 

  • With recognized methods 

A look at your system from an attacker's perspective

For you, we switch sides and look at your IT infrastructure. With the penetration test- agreed with you in advance – we try to gain access to your systems and identify vulnerabilities in your network. The aim is to simulate an emergency as best as possible in order to identify suitable measures to protect your IT infrastructure. 

For your protection: 

  • Individually 

  • According to relevant threat scenarios 

  • Risk-based 


Are you consciously managing your identities?

Do you want to centrally manage identities and access rights in your company within different systems and applications? With the development and implementation of a well thought-out identity and access management (IAM for short), we are happy to help you achieve this goal. In addition, we support you in sharing information securely so that nothing stands in the way of efficient collaboration with business partners.

Holistically secure – identity management with Holisticon:

  • Central management of user accounts and resources
  • Optimization of existing identity and access management processes
  • Definition and elimination of security vulnerabilities
  • Cross-system security for your identities

Do you think security from start to finish?

Especially in the face of ever shorter releases (Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration), security is often neglected. Penetration tests are not sufficient as a security measure in this context. Similar to the DevOps initiative, further holistic measures are needed to more closely integrate IT-Security and development.

Make security an integral part of your entire development pipeline:

  • Integrate IT security as early as possible in application development.
  • This way vulnerabilities can be prevented
  • Development and operation form a single unit
  • High development speed along user needs
  • Security awareness in the entire team

Privacy by Design - are you prepared?

The GDPR requires developers and product owners to comply with Privacy by Design in their development process. This term describes the requirement to ensure privacy through architecture and technology design choices. This is challenging for most companies, as the requirements of the GDPR meet concrete design patterns of the software architecture. We are happy to support you in developing appropriate processes.

Be on the safe side:

  • Compliance with GDPR standards in your software architecture.
  • Definition of vulnerabilities in your IT landscape
  • Integration of appropriate technical protection measures
  • Setting up Privacy by Design processes

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Vom Datenschutz über die Informationssicherheirt bis hin zur eher technisch-lastigen IT-Sicherheit - bei uns finden Sie erfahrene Sicherheits-Consultants, die Ihre individuelle Herausforderung kompetent meistern. Und sich dabei ihrer Verantwortung gegenüber Ihrem Unternehmen mit Sicherheit bewusst sind. Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf!

Sicherheit Christian Westerkamp

Christian Westerkamp

Data Protection

Unconventional lawyer, passionate and listening advisor with an eye for the essentials and practical solutions. Seekers of gray areas and keeper of data protection. Considers Information Security important.

Lys Riemenschneider

Data Protection

Likes to cavort in a wide variety of places - sometimes on the legal field, sometimes in Sulawesi, applauds the digital transformation, does not find theater brittle at all, considers data protection to be absolutely necessary and not just a necessary evil and Holisticon as Place2be.

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Christian Paulsen

Information Security

Is a pragmatic solution finder and fear monger on topics related to data protection and information security. He likes the lively exchange in different facets.

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