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Our goal is to protect your corporate data and ensure its confidentiality, availability and integrity – suited to your security needs.

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Together with you, we ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the data for which you are responsible. In this way, you not only secure your company's success, but also show your business partners and customers that you are also a reliable partner when it comes to "security".


Your sensitive data and systems need protection

Your company’s sensitive information can be found within processes, systems and on data carriers. That’s why you need an ISMS to consistently protect your systems and data. Implement security measures and a continuous improvement process in your company. We would be happy to support you in setting up and implementing an ISMS in accordance with ISO 27001 or BSI IT-Grundschutz.

An ISMS protects your company against:

  • Outside attacks
  • Damage to your reputation
  • Significant loss of data
  • Monetary losses
  • Liability risks and lawsuits
  • Corrupted integrity of data and information

Audit your security in moderation

Before an external audit by an accredited body, an internal audit must be performed for an ISMS. Our experienced consultants will be happy to support you in this. We ourselves operate an ISMS in accordance with ISO 27001. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know what auditors value and can adequately prepare for the external certification audit.

Our internal audit ensures:

  • Comprehensive gap detection
  • Extensive documentation
  • Elimination of existing gaps before external audit
  • Optimal preparation for external audit

Emergencies are not acts of god

What happens when your most important IT system goes down? How long can this system be offline before your company suffers significant damage? We can help you set up an emergency management system in accordance with BSI Standard 100-4.

Do you know how to prepare for an emergency?

  • Running through possible emergency scenarios
  • Documentation of individual emergency plans
  • Emergency exercises for employee awareness
  • Definition of responsible persons and actions for emergencies
  • Smooth emergency management

Identify gaps in your security

Feeling overwhelmed by the flurry of regulatory, legal and customer requirements for information security? An individual gap analysis helps you identify the current status of your company with regard to your security. We’d be happy to assist you in preparing it.

Close the gaps and create security:

  • Variance analysis
  • Concrete recommendations for actionables
  • Security awareness
  • Increase the security of your company
  • Protection against loss of data and reputation

Don't take risks

In the IT sector, risk management is extremely important. If you don’t think about security right from the start or monitor it continuously, your security risk is immense. Our security experts will work with you to ensure an environment without unnecessary risks. With the introduction of our tailor-made risk management, your company will benefit in the long term from a stable, secure and compliant IT, e.g. according to ISO 27005 and 31000.

Risks are calculable:

  • Identification of information security risks
  • Evaluation of potential impacts
  • Definition of mitigation measures
  • Design of a security risk management
  • Integration into your existing risk management
Information Security Officer

Die sicherheit im blick und den rücken frei!

Der Grad an Informationssicherheit im Unternehmen ist abhängig davon, wie diese gelebt wird.

Schutz kostet Zeit und erfordert Expertenwissen. Ressourcen für dieses Thema sind im Unternehmen häufig sehr begrenzt. Hier können wir Sie als externer Informationsbeauftragter unterstützen und Ihnen somit den Rücken freihalten.

Gemeinsam haben wir Ihre Sicherheit im Blick:

  • Planung, Überprüfung und Verbesserung von Sicherheitsmaßnahmen
  • Kompetenter Ansprechpartner bei Fragen und Sicherheitsvorfällen
  • Entwicklung Ihres Notfallmanagements
  • Unkomplizierte sowie effektive Beratung und Unterstützung auf Augenhöhe

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In our short video, information security expert Jacqueline Striewe tells us how we can solve your challenges. Summarized briefly for you.

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From data protection and information security to more technical IT security - with us, you will find experienced security consultants who will competently master your individual challenges. And they are certainly aware of their responsibility towards your company. Get in touch with us!

Sicherheit Christian Westerkamp

Christian Westerkamp

Data Protection

Unconventional lawyer, passionate and listening advisor with an eye for the essentials and practical solutions. Seekers of gray areas and keeper of data protection. Considers Information Security important.

Lys Riemenschneider

Data Protection

Likes to cavort in a wide variety of places - sometimes on the legal field, sometimes in Sulawesi, applauds the digital transformation, does not find theater brittle at all, considers data protection to be absolutely necessary and not just a necessary evil and Holisticon as Place2be.

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Christian Paulsen

Information Security

Is a pragmatic solution finder and fear monger on topics related to data protection and information security. He likes the lively exchange in different facets.

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