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Our consultants will work with you to identify security vulnerabilities as well as adapting your data protection guidelines to the current GDPR specification.

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Together with you, we protect your personal data from misuse. We protect scientific, technical and business-related data from modification or theft. No matter what the data, we support you in implementing and complying with GDPR requirements.


Your data needs a protector

Companies are faced with novel data protection issues nearly every day. Unfortunately, a lot of the company’s resources are blocked while the issues are being investigated and dealt with. There is a need for standardized procedures and a competent contact person to help deal with these issues efficiently. We would be happy to assume the role of an external data protection officer for your company.

Competent protection for your data:

  • Professional, legally compliant consulting
  • Efficient and therefore cost-effective
  • Data protection and data security from a single source
  • ONE competent contact for your company



Data protection from a single source

In 2018, the GDPR introduced many requirements, some of which still pose challenges for companies today. We would be happy to help you develop and implement efficient processes to meet data protection requirements.

We will work with you to overcome your data protection challenges:

  • Determining the status quo
  • Definition of suitable processes and measures
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Creation of a processing directory
  • Contracts for commissioned data processing
  • Establishing a reporting framework

Data protection is teamwork

We help to strengthen your team’s data protection awareness because data protection is teamwork and your company is only as secure as its weakest link.

We create awareness with:

  • Targeted data protection training
  • Social engineering campaigns
  • Playful, informative data protection quizzes
  • Tailored to the target group

Data protection? - Do it right!

Do you meet all the legal data protection requirements of the GDPR? Through a data protection audit, we help you uncover blind spots and close the gaps.

Data protection can be this easy:

  • Sifting through which provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation have been implemented.
  • Review of documentation and processes
  • Identification of acute need for improvement
  • Recommendation of concrete measures

Data protection is a management issue

Protect your company from data misuse and economic damage. By setting up and implementing a data protection management system GDPR, you ensure that the legal requirements of the GDPR are met in your company. This protects the interests of customers and employees.

Data protection at all levels:

  • Defining processes and measures to be integrated
  • Roll out of defined processes and measures
  • Ensuring data protection-compliant handling
  • Documentation of all implemented processes and measures

Data protection - without gaps

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when comparing the requirements of the GDPR with your implemented data protection security measures. A gap analysis helps you identify the current status of your personal data security. We would be happy to support you in creating a data protection gap analysis to improve your company’s security.

Close any gaps:

  • Review of your systems and processes
  • Variance analysis of data protection measures#
  • Documentation of status quo data protection
  • Individual recommendations for actionables to secure your data

Data protection through reduction

On the one hand, data must be deleted as soon as the purpose for processing no longer exists. On the other hand, there are legal retention obligations that must be taken into account. We help you to reduce your data in a meaningful way by working with you to develop a deletion concept, e.g. according to DIN 66398, and by optimizing your processes with technical solutions.

Create clarity:

  • Documentation status quo
  • Consistent deletion concepts according to DIN 66398
  • Introduction of technical solutions, e.g. Crypto Shredding
  • Optimization of internal processes
  • Compliance with legal requirements

Meet our experts

Our Team

From data protection and information security to more technical IT security - with us, you will find experienced security consultants who will competently master your individual challenges. And they are certainly aware of their responsibility towards your company. Get in touch with us!

Sicherheit Jacqueline Striewe

Jacqueline Striewe

Information Security

Is enthusiastic - even about supposedly dry topics such as data protection, ISO and DIN standards. She likes people and colorful personalities. In her free time she enjoys taking long walks by the sea with her furry friend.

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Sicherheit Christian Westerkamp

Christian Westerkamp

Data Protection

Unconventional lawyer, passionate and listening advisor with an eye for the essentials and practical solutions. Seekers of gray areas and keeper of data protection. Considers Information Security important.

Sicherheit Lukas Taake

Lukas Taake


Developer who likes FOSS. Tries to keep an eye on the essentials, always looking for new challenges.

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Martin Reinhardt

Martin Reinhardt


Martin has spent many years practicing Java and web development. As a software craftsman it's of great importance to him that distributed architectures, particularly security and automation of continuous delivery, have pragmatic solutions.

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