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Understand the Need

There are many reasons for focusing on security-related issues. Regulatory and legal requirements can be drivers, as can your valued customers. Regardless of the reason, our consultants will support you in classifying your individual challenges and offer tailor-made solutions.


Define a Goal

Depending on your need, your goals will vary. For example, one goal might be to successfully implement an ISMS and become certified. Our consultants will work with you to define the most important goal to most effectively move your enterprise security forward.


Choose a Method

Formulate your objectives and work with us to determine the best possible methodology for your project. To do so, we must understand your company's culture and work ethics. That information will be used to determine which communication and project management tools will work best for you.


Create a concept

Our motto in projects is, "Cooperation as equals." For a concept to succeed, it must combine our expert knowledge, and previous customer projects with knowledge of your company's culture.


Develop a Backlog

This is where the implementation phase begins; our involvement does not stop after the creation of a concept, we actively take part in its implementation. Using an agile approach, we will define tasks and document them in the backlog.


Perform Sprint Planning

We commit to regular sprint plannings in order to reliably and efficiently achieve the stated goal. During sprint planning we will decide which tasks have the highest priority and must be accomplished during the next sprint phase.


Implement operationalization

Once all tasks have been processed and completed, our consultants will work with you to implement the operationalization.


Go live

We are not interested in creating a prototype or functional-in-theory system for you. We are interested in bringing the project to life and ensuring that it goes the distance. We want to ensure that you are safe.

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Planning phase

implementation phase

We combine a holistic approach with years of project experience which allows us to rapidly identify and focus in on your security vulnerabilities. Our consultants will work with you to create a company-wide awareness for security and take measured, remedial actions to ensure that you have the best possible protection against malware and hackers. In doing so, we take your individual security challenges into account and meet you where you are at the moment.

our approach




We integrate effective, pragmatic security measures into your software - for your corporate security.



Proper security necessitates a change in culture. Awareness trainings and company-wide security campaigns help achieve this goal.



Whether EU-DSGVO or ISO 27001 - we will support you in the creation and implementation of processes and documents.

We will help you develop, implement and establish a comprehensive security strategy. In doing so, we have based our holistic approach on three core pillars. If you would like to learn more about our corporate values, take a look at our corporate website.

success stories

Case Studies


Development and implementation of an information security management system

Project outline

  • Preparation and execution of kick-off.
  • ISMS scope definition.
  • Joint creation of the asset inventory.
  • Execution of risk assessment.
  • Definition of security measures.
  • Definition of security KPIs.
  • Joint creation of the management review.
  • Definition and implementation of a continuous improvement process.
  • Implementation of awareness trainings.
  • Accompaniment of the internal audit.
  • Accompaniment of the external audit, by an external, accredited body.
Company size:  ~900
Industry:   Energy sector
Department:   Development


Requirement of the IT Security Act 1.0 had to be met (KRITIS).


Entwurf und Implementierung einer privaten Cloud-Umgebung für die Softwareentwicklung

Project outline

Unterstützung bei der Service- und Prozessentwicklung, sowie bei der Ausarbeitung einer Entwicklungsstrategie in einem regulierten Umfeld:

  • Aufbau einer Cloud-Umgebung auf Basis von OpenShift sowie entsprechende Provider-Auswahl.
  • Design der Infrastruktur unter Berücksichtigung von Compliance-Anforderungen.
  • Beratung bei der Auswahl und Anwendung geeigneter Technologien, Frameworks und Best Practices zum Aufbau einer serviceorientierten und sicheren Architektur.
  • Beratung bei der Software-Architektur einschließlich der Zusammenstellung von Professional Services.
  • Mitwirkung und Coaching bei der Entwicklung.
Firmengröße:   800
Branche:   Bank
Abteilung:   IT-Security


Die BAIT-Anforderungen im Cloud-Umfeld mussten erfüllt werden (BaFin).


Establishment and implementation of a DSMS. Position of an external data protection officer (DPO).

Project outline

  • Preparation and execution of kick-off.
  • Joint initial creation of the processing directory (Art. 30).
  • Ongoing task: data protection tool audits.
  • Creation of privacy statement website.
  • Creation of consent management processes (Art. 6).
  • Creation of data subject rights compliance processes (Ch. 3).
  • Conducting data protection audits.
  • Ongoing task: contact person for data protection supervisory authority.
  • Ongoing task: Data protection review of contracts.
Company size:   800
Industry:   Advertising agency
Department:   Data protection


Meet the requirements of the GDPR.

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